Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The weather report had predicted that today we would have spring weather so I put away my winter clothes and go out with a light jacket. As soon as I walked out the main gate I had a feeling that perhaps I should have worn a woolen sweater under my jacket. But then I saw the sun shining and went on walking. I got on the bus, reached the center of town and went to our "shopping mall" Grande Migliore (a rather small version of a mall, but as we say in Italy "meglio di niente" (better than nothing). Grande Migliore is a department style store where you can get anything from electronics to garden supplies, kitchen ware and appliances, Televisions, cameras, mobile phones, toys, toiletries and furniture. There's even a small bar ...we call cafès "bars" but they're nothing like American bars, although they do sell wine and liquors. People  go there mostly for coffee and cornetti...and to read the daily newspaper free of charge.
Anyway, getting back to the weather. I thought I was going to be blown away by the wind. Grande Migliore is situated right next to the sea...in fact, if there was a high wave, the store would be inundated...and the wind is really chilly and strong near the sea. Even the seagulls weren't around, that's how cold it was.

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