Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Italian men were once worshipped and adored by foreign women. Sadly it is no longer the case.  According to a poll by Vie del Gusto, 8 out of 10  women who come to Italy do not fall for the flirty Italian men. The Latin Lover has lost his touch. Literally.  Remember  those pinches on Roman buses?  Forget them. These days the only thing you might get pinched is your wallet.

The downfall began with an article in the Guardian describing the  Italian man as " MAMMONE", a person excessively attached to his mother,  a mama's boy, or "mummy's boy" as they put it  (The Guardian, May 14, 2002).

In 2007, to further downgrade the Italian male ego, the then Economic Minister Padoa Schioppa said Italian men were "BAMBOCCIONI", that is, infants, babies. Young men who behave childishly and can't take care of themselves, in other words, spoiled brats.

The tipping point came in October 2012 when Welfare Minister Elsa Fornero accused Italian young men of being "CHOOSY".  No need for translation. It means just that, choosy.  She meant it in the sense that Italian men, instead of settling for any kind of job, passively wait for their ideal job.  This caused an uproar all over Italy, and rightly so.  There aren't any jobs in Italy, young peope send out hundreds of CVs monthly without ever getting so much as one reply. Once upon a time, we would see job advertisements in newspapers, pathetic ones like these "Cercasi segretaria bella presenza, massimo 25 anni" (Wanted: good-looking secretary, maximum 25 years old), but at least there were offers, now you don't see  job advertisements of any kind anywhere.  You can't get a job even if you've got money, connections and recommendations all put together!

So, what is our Italian sex god, stripped of his Latin Lover status, going to do to seduce a woman?  He is going to COOK for her!

Gastrosexuals have been around for years (i.e. Jamie Oliver,  Anthony Bardain, Nick Stellino, Alessandro Borghese, Buddy, to name just a few) but only now they are appearing on the Italian scene, notably, Carlo Cracco and Mattia Nicoletti (see article by Francesca Gambarini in A (Anna) November 29,  2012.  Due to the economic crisis, more and more women, single and not, are going out to join the work force (if they are lucky to find a job) and they don't want to have anything to do with cooking.  This is where our Gastrosexual Italian ex-macho comes in, ready to cook and conquer women's hearts.  Perhaps with the world-renowned dish Fegato alla Veneziana.  Venetian liver.   

written by Fancesca Edesia  aka saucysiciliana


  1. Hehe :D ! There was a short while in my life while I found italian guy(s) cute, that was when I was around 17 or 18 and I liked a singer called Jovanotti :D. He was really funky by then :D.
    Nowadays I think it depends on the person whether he is attractive, not on the nationality. But I am happily married.

    x, Lara

  2. Ha, ha....loved the article. I've often wondered about the Italian stallion but hadn't thought about him in the context of economic stagnation. I haven't heard the term "gastrosexuals" yet and I think it is a very apt term. Venetian liver indeed ;-)

  3. Great post, I would though love a man in this house who would take over the kitchen :-)) I do like cooking occasionally but I wish it could stay as occasional! Have a good week. Diane

  4. Hello Francesca,
    Yay, I'm an Italian man and I can cook. I'm glad I went to culinary school....it works! It landed me a husband! :)
    Big hug,

  5. I love a man that can cook for me ! Italian ore Swedish ...

  6. Hi Francesca!! Thank you for your comment!! Can I ask you how did you find my blog?

  7. Grazie che mi hai risposto...!! A proposito, mio marito è il cuoco di casa..
    Un saluto dall'Italia <3

  8. Hello, Francesca

    I enjoyed reading this post. You have a real flair for writing and you made me smile!


  9. How interesting and amusing this post is!I follow you from this instant. xxx

  10. Ti seguo anche io, sei fortissima!

  11. I think you can find the real Latin Lover in the kitchen... there's nothing more attractive than a man who cooked for you a very special dinner... even though I hate stereotypes like Latin Lover, Bamboccioni or Mammoni. A person is just what he/she is ... loking at the inside, to his/her heart. I join your blog with pleasure... from Siciliy "tanti baci" :-)

  12. Francesca, era un po' che non ti leggevo ma questo post è fantastico. Veramente perfetto. Hai toccato il punto con ironia ed intelligenza. La situazione degli uomini italiani è quella che hai riassunto tu in poche divertenti parole. Quelli migliori sono già impegnati (io ho beccato uno di quelli), ma per chi resta fuori, può davvero avere una chance imparando a cucinare come Dio comanda.
    Un abbraccio cara Francesca. Pat

  13. Haha, really great post. Have a nice day.


  14. haha and it used to be the way to a mans heart was through his stomach....smiles...now it is reversed...lol

  15. mai letta tanta verità in un solo post!!

  16. I'm glad nobody gets pinched any more, not just me - thought it was something I'd done wrong:D

  17. Hello Francesca, I have come across your blog through a comment you left on GB's blog, and now I am your latest follower :-)
    I really like the combination of fashion posts, recipes, local information and other things you are publishing here on your blog.
    My first husband was from Sicily, and I spent every summer there for about 10 years, and when I speak Italian, people instantly can tell where I learnt it. I have written about Sicily on my blog, but it is all from memory, since I have not set foot on the island since 1997.

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  19. This all sounds rather sad. I do remember that our Italian holidays with the children were marked by our daughter's crushes on Italian men -- mostly waiters, I seem to recall. More than one pinch she'd boast of when we got home!

    I'm tempted to think it's just another example of Political Correctness going too far!

  20. I'm so amused by your post. A very good read and very well said!

  21. Ciao, piacere di conoscerti!
    Complimenti per il tuo blog, è davvero frizzante.
    A presto

  22. Hi Francesca, nice to meet you :-)
    thank you for your comment, I'm glad you loved my blog. I just read your last post and I'm quite according with "mammone", this is also here in south switzerland, italian speaking part, southern of the Alps. It's not too cold, 5° celsius, normal for that time. but it can get colder too.
    have a nice weekend,

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    Kisses from Miami

  24. ha-ha-ha! this was supposed to be funny, right? ;)

  25. I fear that young males all over Europe are going through a crisis of confidence at the moment. I count myself fortunate in being well past the age when I need to impress the opposite sex.

  26. Hola guapa, hacia tiempo que no pasaba por tu bello espacio,
    siempre es un placer leer tus textos.
    que tengas una buena semana.
    un abrazo.