Tuesday, March 5, 2013


My daughter steals my clothes and I steal hers:)   Here is Sayaka Alessandra wearing  my blue velvet dress from MandorlaAmara.

Mia figlia mi ruba i vestiti e io rubo i suoi:)   Qui Sayaka Alessandra indossa  il mio bel vestito  di velluto blue MandorlaAmara.

Abbiamo comprato due magliette uguale e il rossetto uguale così non ce li rubiamo a vicenda.
Rossetto Kiko corallo e magliette di Piazza Italia.

We bought the same color lipstick and the same shirts so that we would not steal them from each other.  Kiko coral lipstick and orange tops from Piazza Italia.


  1. A blue velvet dress - how beautiful is that!! Sadly, I can't swap clothes anymore with my Mum or my sister. It used to be different, but over the past years, both of them have put on quite a bit of weight, while my size has not kept pace with theirs.

  2. I never used to swap clothes with my mother. She wasn't my size!

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  4. E' una fortuna avere la stessa taglia: lo swapping è un'ottima soluzione ... scaccia-crisi ;)))


  5. My Mom was very short and she wore some of my sweaters or jackets, but that is about all. My Sister always looked like she came out of a fashion magazine and what looked nice on her, just didn't look nice on me. ha,ha
    We were totally different in our manner of dress. Very lovely photo of you both :)

  6. The mother daughter pic is lovely! Nice lipstick color, coral is a must have shade indeed!

  7. I so miss my mother for everything but we also used to have great fun swopping clothes as well. Take care Diane