Sunday, October 27, 2013


We're in autumn but the sun is still shining in Trapani. 

Sea urchins are sold on the street by street vendors. They cut it open, then it's eaten either alone or with vinegar.

Jasmine...this is what we use to make our famous and delicious gelato al gelsomino (Jasmine ice cream)

Villa Mokarta and in the distance Monte Erice

My favorite spot on Sunday Bar della Rotonda (in Italy a bar is a cafè, not the American style bar)


  1. never seen sea urchins before

  2. Sea Urchins are sure tasty, except ours are green on outside. You look so toasty warm, while I walked today, I had on winter hat, mittens and warm coat :) Love your photos and would like to spend a holiday walking round about here.

  3. Look at those lovely blue skies. How I wish I was there! Here we are waiting for a storm to hit.
    I don't know that I have ever even seen a sea urchin before, let alone tasted one.

  4. I've never eaten sea urchins though living on the coast I have seen them. I love jasmine flowers. I don't think they grow outside here but I know people who do grow them indoors. The weather looks wonderful where you are. You are still wearing summer dresses which we gave up here 2 months ago already! It looks quiet where you live. It's nice to be far from the maddening crowds though perhaps in summer your town is also over run with tourists.

  5. Not sure I'd like to try an urchin (with or without vinegar), but I'd certainly like being able to still walk around short-sleeved and bare-legged!

  6. Francesca, Some beautiful pictures with perfect weather...but I'll take a rain check on those sea urchins! I'll bet that my wife would try them though... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  7. ma quanto amo la mia Sicilia...è stupenda :) Ciao Francesca...ho scoperto il tuo blog tra i commenti...meno male che ti ho trovata...ti seguo assolutamente...a presto