Monday, May 18, 2015

CAPRESE ....quick summer salad, perfect for the beach.


  1. Francesca, My better half loves a Caprese salad but it's a bit too bland for me. She likes to order one when when we're in Italian restaurants. Rocky seems to be siding with me! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  2. RJ and I have Caprese all the time! It's the ideal food to have before we go dancing, gives us just the right "kick" without making us feel so heavy we don't want to dance anymore.
    On my plate, I always add some freshly ground pepper.
    Love your dress!!!
    And Rocky... he would just drive me crazy :-D

  3. Great salad and it comes perfect as an idea, because I have to make one :))

  4. Hi Francesca - I bid you greetings from the land of snow. The last of the snow has left this past week, although still some in the deep woods. Trees have budded and tiny leaves popping out. No flowers yet, except for a dandelion or two. Nice video, I would try that myself- looks delicious and my fav foods. lol