Monday, August 3, 2015

My Coppola Collection - the symbol of a changing Sicily

I never go anywhere without a coppola hat on my head! 
Coppole are typical Sicilian hats. Here is my collection:

                                           Hat from La Coppola Storta
                Coppola from Buseto Palizzolo
                                                     Coppola from LUAN, Palermo


  1. Very pretty doll in this awesome ginham print

  2. Love gingham!! I'm not one to wear anything on my head (if I can avoid it), but you have the perfect face and shape of head for it - you simply look great in whatever you wear!

  3. Ed io che pensavo che si chiamasse scoppola, comunque ti sta benissimo!!

  4. I love your Coppola collection. My Dad always wore a gentleman's hat and he would always tip his hat to any lady he passed on the street....he was a gentleman. I would never find Coppolla around here anywhere, and I do like yours. Sweet photos of you and your daughter too. lol

  5. your coppola hats are adorable...My favourite is the checkered one because it matches your dress perfectly.

    you have such a winning smile btw!

  6. You Are Over Cute, Francesca -
    In Fact, You Are Beautiful!
    Your Recipes Are Inspired And Delicious.