Wednesday, October 28, 2015


This morning I was walking to the supermarket when I heard someone calling me "Signora've got mail!  I turned around and saw my mailman running after me with a package in his hands.

Lo and behold!  It was my JAPAN CANDY BOX from  the cutest monthly subscription box full of delicious  Japanese  sweets and snacks.   Forget about the supermarket. I grabbed the box and ran right back home to see what was in it.

I opened the box anxiously....and there they were, the cutest Japanese candies and chocolates! My mouth was watering!  Hearing  my daughter entering the room,  I  immediately hid the box.  Knowing her, she would have eaten the goodies before I even had time to take pictures of them.

Stamattina camminavo verso il supermercato quando ho sentito una voce dietro di me gridare "Signora Francesca....c'è posta per lei".  Mi giro e vedo il mio postino correre verso di me con un pacco in mano.

Cielo!  Era la mia JAPAN CANDY BOX ( un assortimento di dolcetti e oggetti giappponesi che potete ricevere ogni mese).  Invece di andare al supermercato, torno di corsa a casa per aprirla.

Apro la scatola e....Delizia! Quanti dolcetti giapponesi, uno più carino e interessante dell'altro! Poi sento mia figlia entrare e nascondo la scatola, altrimenti i miei dolcetti sparirebbero in un attimo!

Here is the delightful collection I found in the box:

Ecco le delizie che ho trovato nella scatola.

Meiji Apollo Strawberry chocolate: these are delicious chocolate with a hint of strawberry flavor.
Poop shaped lollipop: this was very sweet.
Meiji Watapachi Melon Popping candy floss: the texture was just like candy floss and the taste was out of this world!
Coris Gum Gum Chewing Gum:  very fruity little gum balls.
Fujiya Anpanman Lollipop: this tasted like Sprite.
Hi-Chew Pineapple Chewy Candy: these were my favorites! They taste just like pineapple.
Popin' Cookin' Oekaki Animal Candy Land DIY Kit:  this is a lot of fun and very creative. You get to eat what you create.
Bourbon Fettucine Cola Gummies: these were sour and tasted like Coca Cola. They are shaped like Fettuccine.
Morinaga Ramune Candy Soda Balls: little balls that taste like soda, these are huge in Japan.
You can understand why I have this huge smile on my face:)
Avrete capito il perchè del grande sorriso:)


  1. Francesca, Very cute and colorful candies! I've never seen Japanese candies before. My wife would love them! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  2. Che bella questa scatola piena di delizie!

  3. wouuu, everything looks yummy and cute!. And they have funny packages too!

  4. Wowww que bueno, tengo muchas ganas de hacer un pedido de esta cajita de dulces japoneses, tengo mucha curiosidad ,me parece original y que tienen que estar muy ricos y me fascinan los empaques de los productos,son tan monos,besos bonita.

    Wowww bene, ho voglia di fare un ordine di questa scatola di dolci giapponesi, ho un sacco di curiosità, trovo originale e devono essere molto ricco e sono affascinati dalla confezione dei prodotti sono così carino, bello baci.

  5. Cute story Francesca, esp. about hiding candies from your grown daughter, lol. It was interesting to see the Japanese candy. I think I could probably buy a lot of it here in my city if I knew what I was looking for as we have some stores that sell candy and foodstuffs.

  6. Candies...nice!
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  7. Bonjour chère amie,

    Tout d'abord je voulais vous remercier infiniment pour votre gentil mail m'annonçant que j'étais la gagnante de votre giveaway. Je suis très honorée.
    (toutefois je ne sais pas vraiment comment procéder pour retirer ce présent !)
    Mille mercis encore !

    Votre petit billet est adorable ! Telle une petite fille, je vous imagine ouvrir la boîte et découvrir ce petit trésor ! Un petit trésor sucré...
    Je suppose que vous vous êtes régalée et en avez fait profiter votre fille !

    Gros bisous ♡

  8. Why anyone would want a poop-shaped lollipop is beyond me, but I'd definitely give the chocolate a try :-)
    It says "September 2015" on the card; does it usually arrive a month later, or was that an exception?

  9. omg so many unique candies :D i love it!!

    Have a nice day ^^
    Inge Lakawa

  10. Oh what a fun candy box! I've tried the strawberry chocolates but not the rest. So funny you had to hide it from your daughter.

  11. bellissima box,la trovo dolcissima

  12. che forte!! che nostalgia del giappone :((

  13. Oh wow sweetie all looks delicious and cute
    Thanks for share with us

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