Monday, November 30, 2015

Italian style wedding with SPOSAMORE

Who can forget Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni in "Marriage Italian Style" (Matrimonio all'Italiana)?  It is one of the masterpieces of our great Italian movie director Vittorio de Sica. The dress that Sophia Loren wore in the movie, a simple non-traditional Italian style wedding dress, is also a masterpiece.

Speaking about masterpieces, I would like to introduce to you a renowned Italian dressmaker's shop: Sposamore. Its dresses are truly works of art!

Sposamore is located in Salerno, a city in the Campania region of Southern Italy, and it is the first Italian atelier which also sells online. It opened in 1995, born out of passion and creativity. Its designers are on the constant look out for new styles and innovation to bring out the best of the bride on her special day.

The uniqueness of Sposamore is that it does not sell other brands' gowns. Sposamore creates its own line of wedding gowns thanks to the dressmakers working for the company. These dressmakers are specialized not only in wedding gowns but also on gowns and dresses for special occasions.

The vision of Sposamore is to provide the highest quality products at the lowest possible cost and to make unique style fashion accessible to everyone. Sposamore, furthermore, guarantees the highest level of reliability and the best fabrics. The fabrics (satin, tulle, lace, organza, etc.), excellent quality and 100% guaranteed, are checked by specialized Italian designers and all their gowns are made by expert dressmakers, as I mentioned earlier. The gowns at Sposamore are not mass produced. Each single product is designed and sewn at the moment of ordering. In other words, you can have your own custom-made wedding gown or special occasion dress, at the click of a button. The dressmakers at Sposamore will create your dream dress with the highest quality fabrics. It will be of impeccable fit, and moreover, at an affordable price. They have a vast selection of  cheap wedding dresses at competitive prices. In addition, Sposamore ships free worldwide. Can you ask for more?

If you don't have the time to spend on a custom-made dress, or you just prefer to look around and find the perfect dress to suit your individual taste and body type, then browse the gorgeous and stylish dresses on Sposamore's website. You will be lost for words when you see the superior styling of its Italian designers and dressmakers. There are dresses to capture the personality of any bride: traditional gowns; "short and sweet" shorter hemline suitable for less informal ceremonies ... and to show off the brides' shoes; soft romantic fabrics for the dreamy bride; sensual and refined for the sexy bride; ruffles for the playful bride who wants to have a look out of a fairy tale; mermaid dresses for the sultry bride and so on. The choice is practically unlimited. Each Sposamore dress is a true masterpiece and will make any bride feel elegant and confident.

To give you an idea of their dresses, I will show you some of my favorites:

Just like a princess.  

If you want to show off your beautiful legs:)

I can just picture The Great Gatsby, alias, Robert Redford.

Isn't this as romantic as can be?  

Here is your chance to look like a Hollywood diva!

Once you have found your dream dress, you will need accessories.  Don't panic. Sposamore also makes shoulder shrugs, delicate gloves, wedding umbrellas and much more.  Personally I flipped over these short lace gloves. 

Here is Sposamore's guide to taking your measurements


  1. Abiti meravigliosi cara,il numero tre super originale mentre il quarto così romantico.

  2. Dear Francesca, I truly miss your own postings - recipes, new outfits or fun "jewellery" your daughter gave you or you found yourself... Lately, all your postings seem to be promotions for various products and companies. Can I look forward to more "you" on your blog again? :-)

  3. L'ultimo abito è incantevole, davvero molto bello!

  4. I love all that dresses!

  5. Sono veramente bellissimi, viene voglia di risposarsi per poterne indossare uno ogni volta! :D
    Buona giornata e grazie della visita!

  6. Sono bellissimi questi vestiti!
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    So beautiful ! :D


  8. Che magnifici abiti... quasi, quasi, mi risposo!!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  9. They're so beautiful! Love the gloves, too. It's such a feminine and delicate detail :)

  10. The dresses are lovely, I wanted to stop by and thank you for your comment on my blog xox

  11. Mi sposerei ancora chissà quante volte per poter indossare ancora l'abito da sposa, questi sono stupendi! Baci

  12. Il primo abito è bellissimo!!! :D

  13. Sono bellissimi! Un bacione.

  14. che meraviglia, i miei abiti preferiti sono l'ultimo e il penultimo!

  15. Che abiti stupendi!! Non conoscevo questa marca! Mi piace soprattutto quell'abito stile anni '20....:)

  16. sono davvero bellissimi questi abiti sposa!!!!!!!!!!

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  20. The product(s) are from Hong Kong, Not from Italy and the company is Chinese”

    Really bad customer service with English that is clearly written by person that have roots in China due to the spelling mistakes.

    The contact person Simona lied to me from the start.

    Before buying my items, I asked Sposamore if they were really designed and produced in Italy. Simona from Sposamore confirmed that products are designed and produced in Italy and There for i assumed the product will be produced and will b coming from inside of EU. This would have also avoid vat and tax not if as there were coming from outside of EU.

    My order came from China HONG KONG by DHL not ITALY.

    There is nothing mention that the product will be produced and shipped from China. NOT what i was promised and ordered.

    I confronted Simona and told her that was not ok and i will not want this product. Due to the the item being Chinese and Coming from outside the EU and not as promised from Italy. I was asked by DHL to pay tax and import charges making the total on this Chinese product as expensive as the items in my local shop. So a big rip off due to the lies and misleading information from Sposamore Simona.

    After several mails with Simona getting no where.I concluded from all the emails and Documentation that i have in hand:

    -That the company is Chinese and probably copy's international products and is shipping them from china.
    -There is nothing Italian about them, only the website and the PO BOX Address in Italy.
    -The english in the emails is clearly by Chinese person using Google translate and not being familier with the basics of the European languages.
    - The DHL document clearly shows the origin of the item is HONG KONG, therefore reinforces my argument about Sposamore's origin.
    - There is no reason to send items from Italy to China and back to EU with an excuse that the shipping will be cheaper. On the contrary. Sending from EU to China will cause transport costs from Italy to China and from China to EU. In addition, China will put on all incoming products customs and VAT on arrival to China. So the so-called savings by sending from China as Sposamore claims is the reason for sending from China TO EU makes no sense. Not to mention that all products coming to the EU are subject to VAT and customs duties. So reason for sending from Italy to China and back says itself is not profitable for any parties and make no common sense.

    Today i got a threat in an email from Sposamore to remove my review or there will otherwise they will sue me. The copy from the email is below:
    You have made a negative review on the Trustpilot website. If this review is not canceled immediately, our lawyers with offices in Denmark will contact you. We will file a complaint about you and ask you for compensation of 10,000 euros when you publicly accuse the name of our company saying that our company is not Italian

    We advise you to delete any reviews made on Trustpilot and on site jams immediately

    spent 24 hours and the reviews will not be canceled, our lawyers with legal office in Denmark will start with the complaint for defamation of Sposamore brand

    greetings administration

    Clear and simple. Do not buy a thing from Sposamore unless you want a Chinese produced knockoffs and pay tax an VAT on your order. Also do not trust what they say as i have learned the hard way. Nothing that comes out of Sposamore is true.

  21. Regarding my order: It was sent back to Adresse supplied by DHL which is Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China Which is placed north of Hong Kong city. For now it seems that i lost 511 Euro, due to trick/loophole that Sposamore use and exploit.

    It looks like Sposamore is putting fake reviews around the net. I will not be surprised if there are many more fake reviews created by sposamore. Notice how they are written, and you will recognize a pattern that is clear to a person mastering any European languages.

    UPDATE 25-04-2018: I just noticed a new email in Italian from Papace Mauro stating. The 24 hours i had to remove my review from Trustpilot is due. I Will therefor be charged by Sposamore lawyer in my area the coming days. These threats again show the truth about Sposamore do not do any professional and good business practice, but deals with customers with threats.

    UPDATE 26-04-2018:
    I have investigated the real reason behind Paypal siding with sposamore by calling Paypal.

    Paypal protection will never apply, if the order is marked as custom in any way "all Sposamore orders will be market custom as default ".
    I have presented Paypal with the misleading information "emails and DHL documents", Showing Simona from Sposamore confirming the products will be designed, produced and shipped from Italy and the DHL document showing the order coming from Hong Kong and going back to Hong Kong. But theres nothing that can be done at paypal side.

    So i concluded as all Sposamore designs will be always marked as "custom", a complaint will never ever turn in favor of a customer. Always in favor of Sposamore. Even if one can prove and document that Sposamore have been misleading and lying to a customer.

    The facts are clear: BE AWARE OF BUYING FROM SPOSAMORE.