Wednesday, December 23, 2015

My new FIRMOO glasses

By now you probably know that I am super in love with FIRMOO. In 2013   I wrote  a review of their gorgeous glasses  and I also did  a giveaway in  October of this year. 

Firmoo is the most popular online eyeglass store. They have fabulous eyeglasses and sunglasses and the prices are attractive and competitive.  When you visit their website you will be amazed by the huge amount of choices you will find.

Here are my latest glasses. They are so classy and elegant, look how they sparkle!


Le mie amiche Italiane conoscono già FIRMOO,  il  grande negozio online di occhiali  quindi dirò soltanto che questo è il mio nuovo paio. Questi occhiali mi piacciono tantissimo, sono di ottima qualità a prezzi economici, e arrivano velocemente.  Firmoo spedisce in ogni parte del mondo.

They arrive in a strong eyeglass case with a carrying pouch.

Look at the colorful eyeglass cleaning cloth!


  1. You look beautiful in your new sparkly glasses! Love them! I'll have to see if they carry no line bifocals! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Você ficou linda com estes óculos.
    O design é belíssimo
    Que o anjo do Senhor te agracie com a boa nova
    Fazendo Jesus renascer no teu lar irradiando-o
    Com tua luz de AMOR, de FÉ e de ESPERANÇA
    Para você e sua amada família
    Desejo um venturoso Natal e um ano realmente NOVO
    Com muita paz, harmonia e o ingrediente especial...
    AMOR... muito AMOR!
    Beijos no coração

  3. Your glasses look beautiful ♥

    Merry Christmas für you and your family.


  4. Francesca, Merry Christmas to you and yours! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave