Saturday, April 2, 2016


These days the weather has been pretty weird...last week it was hot but the wind was chilly, then a few days ago  the scirocco started blowing away like crazy.  Today it's kind of warm but cloudy!  I decided to take out my raincoat.

For those of you who don't know, the SCIROCCO is an African wind. When it blows here in Sicily, it never stays less than three days. It brings heat and sand. When you walk outside  it feels as if you're breathing dust. Yesterday it was blowing at a speed of 55 km/hr, so it was  practically a gale. If you tried strolling down the street, you would be blown away, literally.

The radiant red raincoat is by  PROMOD.

The headscarf is a gift from my daughter and it's by H&M.


  1. How did you feel in your raincoat? It is a pretty colour but it looks very warm outside. I didn't know the meaning of scirroco. It would be a nuisance to have sand blowing in ones hair and eyes but by the sound of it, it is weather when one should stay inside. Nice to read from you again.

  2. Francesca, We get some wind here this time of the year too, but without the sand and dust. The other day, we had gust of over 50 mph. Instead of dust we get layers of pollen over everything! Love the red raincoat... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  3. It is a lovely little red coat and suits you as well as all your lovely outfits, Francesca!
    I remember the Scirocco very well from my many summers on Sicily... not only from directly experiencing it but also from the pile of sand we always found inside the front door when we were the first to arrive at the house for the season.

  4. We have the wind and dust of spring, as in winter, the roads are sanded after winter storms. Until the Town cleans the roads, there is much dust from cars travelling, so I walk elsewhere, down by the river, away from the dust. The wind I can handle and just wear a warm winter hat. I love the red colour on you. It looks very nice. Have a wonderful day. I have missed your cooking posts. I really liked them and hope you would do them again.

  5. I really like it =)
    kisses Blamod
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