Monday, July 25, 2016

Happy Birthday to the Girl from the Bronx.....ME!

Many of you probably don't know that I am from the Bronx. Yes, I'm from Belmont Avenue and 187th Street. Close to Arthur Avenue and its popular market. Moreover, my birthday is July 24th.  Well, those are the only two things I have in common with J-lo :)
By the way, Chazz Palminteri also comes from Belmont Avenue. 

I want to show you the spectacular cookbook I got from my daughter:  Betty Crocker's Picture Cookbook. THE ORIGINAL 1950 CLASSIC EDITION!!! 

Knowing my addiction to cupcakes, my daughter also gave me a ....guess what?  A CUPCAKE bag!

Talking about the Bronx, here is my version of a cake which my mother used to get for me for my birthday. It was made by Egidio's  Pastry Shop, the fabulous Italian cafè on 622 E. 187th St. in the Bronx. Mine doesn't look anything like it, but from what I remember, it was a sponge cake with custard, peaches and cream, so I tried to recreate it as best I could. I assure you it is delicious!  In fact if you happen to be in the Bronx, visit Egidio's and ask them if they still make this cake.:)


  1. Bonjour ma chère amie,

    Je te souhaite un très joyeux anniversaire avec plein de bisous ! Hummmm !! ce gâteau me tente vraiment ! Mes papilles salivent !!!

    Gros bisous

  2. Happy Birthday Bronx Girl the cake looks divine and your bag too cute.

  3. Francesca, Cute photo of you and Sayaka in those throw back Betty Crocker style dresses! Your birthday was only 3 days after mine. Hope you had a great time! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


  4. Happy Birthday! You look adorable and that cupcake cross-body is the sweetest!

    I'm from the Bronx, too!! ;)


  5. Buon compleanno, Francesca!!
    How cute to see you both in the same stripey dress; your daughter knows you so well, she chose the perfect gifts for you :-)
    That cake looks fabulous. We had something very similar, only with nectarines instead of peaches, last weekend for RJ's 40th birthday.
    Who is Chazz Palminteri?

  6. Buon cumpleanno e belle foto! Un bacione.

  7. Happy Birthday!Lovely pics dear! xx

  8. Congratulazioni per il tuo compleanno, il libro sembra magnifico, borsa molto originale e fresco, favolosa torta, baci.

    Muchas felicidades por tu cumpleaños,agn el libro parece magnifico, el bolso muy original y chulo, la tarta fabulosa,besos.

  9. Happy Birthday and all the best vor you. You have a lovely Daughter ♥

    Many greetings from Germany


  10. Congratulatioms Francesca. Looking forward to photos of recipes you make.

  11. Auguriiii!! Bellissime foto e ..che regali!!!

  12. Happy birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day. What great gifts from your daughter. I love the cookbook and the cupcake purse is adorable!

  13. Hello Francesca,
    Happy belated birthday!
    Big hug

  14. Augurissimi! Che belle e che buona torta!!!
    xo Paola
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  15. OMG, Francesca, we are almost neighbors. My grandmother Angelina (the one I named my blog after) lived in that same neighborhood, on Adams Place, right off of Crescent Avenue, at the beginning of Arthur Avenue. Not three blocks from your old home... Small world!