Thursday, September 1, 2016

What's in season

We've been having torrid hot weather, as high as 35° C (which is about 95° F) so crops are flourishing.  The prediction is that we're going to have great wine this year, in fact shops are full of luscious, ripe grapes, both red and white. It's clear that they will make great VINO! 

Yellow melons, typical of our area, are being sold everywhere. They are so sweet and juicy! 

Watermelons are so abundant that I decided to wear them. 

The season for strawberries is over. Never mind, I have my strawberry earrings. 

What fruits or vegetables are typical of your area and are in season now?


  1. Una de las cosas que me gustan del verano y del buen tiempo es toda la variedad de fruta que hay, la fresas también me gustan mucho pero ahora aquí tampoco encuentras ya, los pendientes orginales la fresas parecen reales jeje, preciosa,besos

    One of the things I like summer and good weather is all the variety of fruit there, the strawberries I also like a lot but now here and not find the orginal pending the strawberries seem real hehe, beautiful, kisses

  2. Love the strawberries and melon earrings! My Mum would wear those, too - she has cherries and a pair of small green apples as ear studs.
    Here, it is plum/prune/damson plum season, as well as apples and grapes. We've been having several days in a row with temperatures just above 30C, which was nice and so welcome, especially since it cools off enough over night to make for a good night's sleep.

  3. Francesca, Where we live in East Tennessee we have it all...including a warm summer too. Melons of all kinds, a variety of berries, sweet corn, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, beans of all types, beets, potatoes, and on and on... We have a couple of Mennonite farmer's markets that produce and sell a huge variety of produce. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  4. Francesca ! You are lovely as usual! and I simply adore your earrings ... love the produce. You are a zesty and beautiful lady ... if only we lived closer we could chat over a cup of tea with one of those delicious canoli you had pictured on your Google + page! (WearyHag is my blogspot name... Bflatblues55 my YouTube name) Hugs!