Friday, October 28, 2016

Stylewe: designer clothes for everyone

I am always prowling around the web looking for fashion shops and clothing outlets. The search is endless because there are just so  many that you can never say you've seen them all.

But this time I can safely  say I found a really unique and high quality  online fashion shop: Stylewe

Guess what makes this online platform original and particular? They sell exclusive fashion products from independent designers! Yes, Stylewe brings together fashion and talented designers from all over the world to give you, the customer, your own unique and exclusive designer fashion. They cater to every taste so you are sure to find a product which fits your personal style. Who said designer clothes are only for the rich and famous? 

Have a look at their gorgeous collection of dresses online It's really impossible to choose just one! This one in particular caught my eye.  What do you think, wouldn't it make any girl look fashionable?

Since the cold weather is just around the corner, we better start thinking of warm winter coats. Here are a few of my favorites from Stylewe.

As you all already know, I have a passion for red

Mi diverto tantissimo a gironzolare per il web in cerca di negozi di abbigliamento online. Ce ne sono a migliaia quindi è impossibile guardarli tutti ma questa volta ho trovato un negozio unico e originale:  Stylewe  La particolarità di questa piattaforma sta nel fatto che vende capi originali ed esclusivi creati da  stilisti indipendenti internazionali

Love their blog 

Stylewe Facebook


  1. The dress would look even more fabulous without the frill at the top - it doesn't need that, it is stunning just through its wonderful colour and generously cut skirt. Imagine wearing it to a dance, slow-waltzing along the dance hall!
    The red blazer in the last picture looks soooo 1980s! :-)

  2. love the fashion!! :)
    i follow you now!

    xoxo Verena

  3. Lovely and unusual fashion items. I like it when clothes have that special something.
    Have a good weekend

  4. I've wondered how their clothing fits - they have some very pretty, unique items! Thanks for sharing!

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