Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Freedom Japanese Market Unboxing

What did Oscar Wilde say?  I can resist anything but temptation.?  Well, me too. Especially when  I see all the goodies I got in this box from Japan.  I didn't know which one to eat first so I went for the chocolate ones.  Later I grabbed all the others. 

Freedom Japanese Market delivers worldwide. You can get a 1,3, 6 and 12 month subscription.  Most of the items are sold exclusively in Japan, moreover most boxes contain some limited edition snacks and candies that are only in Japanese stores for a month or two.

In each box you will find an itemized list with pictures so even if you don't read Japanese you can figure out what is inside the box.

Payment is made through PayPal or credit card.

You can create a gift subscription that sends a monthly care package to a friend or relative.

The company has an Affiliate program . If you join it, you can claim a bonus snack if you mention my blog's name in checkout.  

Anyway, you can get more details by clicking here Freedom Japanese Market 

Here is my unboxing Freedom Japanese Market  video which I uploaded on my Youtube channel  


  1. Francesca, Interesting concept. There are similar offerings here in the USA. Japanese snacks are an acquired taste, at least for me. While I like some of them, I just don't understand or appreciate others. Would be interesting to try a one time box to see what it's all about. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  2. Bonjour,

    Une manière de varier son alimentation...

    Gros bisous 🎀