Sunday, September 16, 2018


You can get fun and crazy Japanese candy and snacks every month by subscribing to JAPANFUNBOX

Here are the delicious and delightful snacks I got in my box. 

YOKAN!!!  My favorite Japanese sweet ... it's made from Azuki beans, sugar and kanten.


  1. Interesting post dear! thanks for sharing, xx

  2. I always like to see what snacks you get. Since I cannot read Japanese I would have no idea what I'm ordering, lol. We do have a few stores here where we can buy these kind of items but again I have no idea what they are. Once in awhile I do try. Last week I bought a small package. I couldn't tell what was inside and the clerk was no help. It turned out to be tiny shrimp crackers. They were good.

  3. Like the person who has commented above me, I can not read Japanese and have therefore no idea what the snacks are - I can guess at the packages in the last picture they are choclates, but everything else is a mystery!