Sunday, May 19, 2019

Like Mother .... Like Daughter // Tale Madre...Tale Figlia

Every little girl dreams of dressing like her mother. I remember wearing my mom's clothes and shoes, falling over because the shoes were too big and the heels too high. As I was growing up I repeatedly tried on her dresses, her shirts and skirts, hoping to fit in them but they were always too big or too lose for me.

There is no such problem now because you can get any size you want from Popreal an online shop which sells gorgeous selections of  high-quality mother/daughter outfits at reasonable prices. They are efficient at shipping the clothes, and they have a support team that is always available and ready to answer your every question. You can get fabulous outfits for every occasion...parties, ceremonies, beach wear, etc. 

Just look at these gorgeous vintage style matching dresses, aren't they simply perfect? Like Mary Poppins would say.  

Tale Madre ... Tale Figlia. Ogni figlia desidera indossare gli abiti della mamma. Quando ero piccola io mettevo i vestiti di mia madre, che mi arrivavano fino ai piedi, e mi divertivo a mettere i suoi tacchi. Ovviamente finivo sempre per terra. La mia passione era il rossetto rosso che mia madre usava quando uscivamo. Forse questo è il motivo per cui il mio colore preferito è il rosso. 

Comunque, volevo dirvi che ho trovato un negozio online  - Popreal - che vende abbigliamento uguale per mamma e figlia. Hanno una grande selezione quinti potete sbizzarrirvi...abiti, gonne, costumi da bagno ecc. Il servizio è molto efficiente, e lo staff di questo negozio è molto disponibile e cortese. La qualità poi, rispetto ai prezzi, è buonissima.

Since summer is just around the corner (well, here in Sicily right now it's more like March than May) you can check out their  selection of swimwear. The items are so cute, and your toddlers will look adorable wearing them. 

Popreal has a huge selection of dresses and skirts for toddlers. You will find it hard to decide which to choose, but the prices are affordable so you can always buy more than one.

Look at this gorgeous doll dress 

This tulle dress is perfect for the little ballerina

Every little girl dreams of being a Princess

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