Sunday, January 15, 2023



  1. Ugh - I really don't like cammomille tea at all! It reminds me of being ill. Do you always drink tea with a straw? I have never seen anyone doing that!
    The cookies look nice, and that thing about the wine must be a joke... The message "drink responsibly" has been appearing on nearly all alcoholic drinks in the UK and on some in Germany, too - but I can not imagine anyone being out on a binge to take notice of that.
    A little idea here for your next video: Try to tilt the camera in a way that it looks at you front on, not up at you. It makes it difficult to see properly whatever you are showing.

  2. Francesca, Cookies made without butter! What!! Butter makes everything better... I do admit that the cookies look good though. My wife likes chamomile tea...I'm just not a big tea lover. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave