Saturday, June 16, 2018

Something you need to know when using a new hair vendor

No matter whether you are a hair store owner, hair stylist, or you are running a hair salon. For US buyers, there are America local hair vendors and oversea hair vendors. I think hair vendors from Indian or China are overseas hair vendors.

For running a hair business, the purchase price and hair quality are major factor that  people will consider. All the local hair vendors are middle man; they buy hair from China and make sales in local market. I do suggest the people should skip the middle man and buy from China hair factory directly to make sure that you have the reasonable profit for your business. We have to accept that all business is driven by profits.

I have been visiting my customers in US many times. More and more hair business owners are  choosing oversea hair vendors as hair suppliers.
Here are some honest tips for using a new hair vendor
1. Test buys at the  beginning to test the hair quality. For example, there are over 300 hair factories and we cannot say the entire hair factory offers the best hair product.
2. I do suggest using PayPal to pay for new hair vendors. Forget the western union or money gram. PayPal will protect the transaction between buyer and sellers. It means you can open a case once you receive the bad hair. So your hair will be guaranteed if you pay by Paypal.

Get a reliable hair vendor
If you are looking for a reliable hair vendor please consider Ballice Virgin Hair
Until now, we have worked with over 500 clients in US to provide them the best 
mink Brazilian hair to them for the factory price.
Shipping to US: Take 2 days to US
Price: Factory price
Accept return in 10 business days.
So you have is guaranteed with Ballice
Feel free to leave your  comments if you have somthing to say.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Around the USSR in 14 Days

In 1975 I got an offer I couldn't refuse .... a TWO-WEEK all paid-for voyage around the Soviet Union (now Russia). 

I and 15 other college graduates packed our suitcases and flew, literally, to Moscow with the Russian airline Aeroflot.

We stayed in Moscow several days, at the Ukraina Hotel, visited all the museums in the city, went to the Bolshoi Ballet. toured the city  and  in general, had a ball.  Then we were taken by train to Leningrad (now St. Petersburg). We  visited the palace of Peter the Great, Catherine's Palace, the fabulous Hermitage Museum, the Neva River and the  famous Avrora ship.  

After a few days we again took the train, this time to Kiev, in the Ukraine, and then on to Sochi, the popular summer resort city of Russian leaders.  That's where they had (have) their dachas, summer houses. 

Here are some pictures from this memorable trip:

The Hermitage Museum in Leningrad

On the  AVRORA ship, which is now a museum. This ship survived the Russian-Japanese War. 

The Moskva River. Moscow. 

On the train from Kiev (Ukraine) to Sochi, on the Black Sea. 

The Neva River in Leningrad. 

The Palace of Tsar Peter the Great of Russia. 

The Winter Palace of Tsar Peter the Great. 

Sunday, June 3, 2018

OKASHI-BOX .... Japanese Candy Straight from Tokyo

A couple of days ago I received the sweetest surprise Okashi-Box from Japan arrived, full of sweets and goodies.  I literally didn't know which one to try first, they are all delicious and cute. Very "Kawaii", which in Japanese means cute in fact.

The different varieties of Kit Kat were a real change from the usual ones.  There was one with matcha tea, another one raspberry flavored, another one red apple flavor, and an unusual one, with dango filling.  Dango is a ball of mochi covered with an filling. For those of you who don't know Japanese sweets here is what I am talking about:  mochi is sticky rice, and an is a paste made of azuki bean. What an exploding combination!  Really delicious!

Here are some pictures. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2018


RoseGal  is by far my very favorite online shop for clothes. It offers contemporary vintage fashion, in other words, its line is a fusion between modern and vintage.  That suits me just perfectly because I love vintage clothes but at the same time, I don't want them to be  totally out of date.

Rosegal sees vintage as a  uniquely timeless fashion statement, the essence of classic fashion. It was started by a group of friends who have a passion for stunning clothes and fashion. In this online shop you can also find shoes and accessories.  

A few months ago, in March to be precise,  I published a post with my Rosegal wishlist.  You can see it here.

As I mentioned in my post above, RoseGal has something for everyone, and I mean for every size, shape and taste. I never get tired of looking at their large selection of clothes. Once you visit RoseGal I am sure you will agree with me. 

Now I will show you my lovely Rosegal  summer dress and hat  and you will understand what I mean. Are you ready?  Sit down and enjoy the show ... well, the pictures. 

I don't know what I was doing here, either the Charleston or....imitating a flamingo!  

I have another dress from RoseGal, but I will leave that for later.  You have seen enough beauty for this time :)

If you're wondering who the photographer is  who took these marvellous pictures, his name is Enrico Pollari. 

Monday, May 28, 2018

Advice and Tips to Choose Double Jogging Strollers

 Do you have more than one child and love to take your kids jogging with you? Then you must choose double jogging stroller. It is the big investment but effective choice for you to get free from complications. When it comes to choosing the jogging stroller you must consider taking the online reviews that help to choose one right for your needs. Choosing the high-quality double jogging stroller always supports to run with your kids whenever you want, apart from that it is the most effective way to keep your kids comfortable and entertained. It is the ideal way to keep your kids safe. 

Most importantly, double jogging strollers differ from the regular strollers that also ensure a smooth journey for two children. There are different methods available so you can easily choose the best double jogging strollers. Do you love jogging with your child? Then the double jogging stroller could be for you. It is the great options which are specially designed jogging stroller. Online sites update up to date information, and buying guide along with comparison chart available, here are advice and tips available so you must take these important steps to pick the right one.

Budget double jogging strollers also available, these are always great to make your children comfortable whilst you enjoy your journey together with ease. There are a lot of options available so you need to focus on some important steps to find the best one. Looking for the good quality double jogging stroller you have landed the right place, here are advice and tips provided for you to choose best one for your infants.

The top quality stroller offers ultimate safety of your kid. Every parent needs to keep their baby safety and comfort but the budget is one of the most important aspects while choosing good double jogging stroller. Choosing the stroller with efficient braking system allows you to safely stop the system when you need. Now you can also choose the stroller with UV protector, as well as rain cover that keep your kids safe from different weather.

 Before going to choose any options it is also important to think about what the fantastic stroller for your baby and obviously, the design is key really, even you should consider how your stroller looks. In addition to this understand what materials it is made out of etc. Choosing a lightweight stroller is highly helping you to handle it properly. Even design speaks of your style as well as elegance.

Always pay close attention to the stroller with ultimate comfort. A comfy one should have fixed as well as the adjustable reclined seat, a head pad, padded seat, a padded handlebar. Also, prefer the best awesome weight capacity that feels easy on the hands. For choosing great stroller efficiency you must take the online reviews and guidelines.

Choosing the top quality stroller for your kid you should keep eye on your budget and it will be quite ideal. There are different options available but choosing quality option provides long-lasting benefits.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Change your look anytime you want with Everydaywigs

I am always roaming around the web looking for interesting and useful online shops and I came across

They have a  huge selection of wigs which will suit any taste and style.

I think one of the most common reasons to get a wig is to avoid surprises when you change hairstyle. Suppose you have long hair but you want to change looks and try short hair. You cut it and get shocking results. It doesn't suit you, it's not what you expected. Instead of looking like Lulu (remember her from the movie "To Sir with Love" with dashing Sydney Poitier? you look more like Paul Mc Cartney (no offense meant).

Or, worse, your hair is straight like a line but you want curly hair. Well, you go and get a perm and end up looking like someone out of the 70s, say Sly and the Family Stones!

You can avoid all these inconveniences by simply getting a wig, one for each day or occasion. In fact EverydayWigs offer high quality wigs at prices so economical that you can afford to get more than one, and change look anytime you want, without cutting, curling or straightening your hair.

It's also  very simple to make payments, so you can pay by using any of the methods they offer, including PayPal. They also provide a tracking system so that you can track your package.

These are some of my favorites from  ombre lace front wigs

These blonde wigs are absolutely worth having. You will find them at this link  blonde lace front wigs

Here are some lovely human wigs for white women