Thursday, December 13, 2018

FYY is the ideal place to do your Christmas and holiday shopping. / FYY è il posto ideale per fare i vostri acquisti natalizi e festivi.

"The show must go on" as they say in circuses and in the entertainment world in general. No matter what happens, things have to be kept going. Notwithstanding problems and difficulties, the show that has been planned must be staged. 

The reason I mentioned this famous phrase is because I have something to show you: an online shop where you guys and gals can do your Christmas and holiday shopping. It's called  FYY

This shop has the most useful, practical and fashionable iPhone cases, mobile cases,  laptop bags, tablet cases and other accessories. There are so many products and variety that you will be lost for choice. Nowadays it's hard to find someone who doesn't use a mobile, iPhone, tablet or laptop. We all want to be connected all the time. Heaven forbid we should be deprived of our connection for even one minute!  All hell will break loose. The mobile phones are always in our hands or close at hand. This addiction leads us to eat, sleep, talk and walk with our mobiles. Which brings me to the point that using the mobile phones while walking can be dangerous. Not only for  us but also for the phone itself. Suppose it falls. Disaster! So in order to prevent the phone from getting broken or destroyed it's indispensable to protect it. At FYY you will find the perfect protection. They have gorgeous genuine leather cases for iPhones, Galaxy phones, laptops, tablets, office accessories etc. FYY has been around since 1998 and they are leather experts. 

Below you will find pictures of some of my favorite things ... as Mary Poppins used to sing .... that you can find at FYY. 


Lo spettacolo deve andare avanti. Nonostante tutto non si può fermare, bisogna continuare. Questa frase è nata nel mondo del circo, quando non si poteva cancellare un programma per nessun motivo. Non si poteva deludere gli spettatori.  Nel nostro caso le aziende chiamano e bisogna rispondere, specialmente durante le feste, e, ancor più, dopo, durante i saldi. Vi presento un negozio online,  FYY,  specializzato in custodie di vera pelle, molto moderne e molto "fashion", per usare una parola in voga tra noi bloggers. 

Qui sotto troverete alcuni dei miei prodotti preferiti.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Mediterranean Cuisine in Trapani at Dar El Medina .... Cucina Mediterranea in Trapani al Dar El Medina

I am always on the look out for new places to eat  in Trapani and I found one that literally blew me away....Dar El Medina!  Here you can find the most delicious couscous. Couscous is my favorite dish ever! I don't eat fish so I only like the couscous with meat and vegetables. At El Medina you can find couscous with lamb, with chicken, with fish and vegetable couscous. They make falafel, hummus, brik and all sorts of Mediterranean food, including Pizza! At El Medina there is such a long list of pizzas that you will be lost for choice. Here is their website where you can  find out more about this fabulous restaurant

In case you have a sweet tooth (like me) there is also a wide variety of delicious sweets.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Dolce Trapani - Sweet Trapani

For my foreign friends here is a selection of sweets available in Trapani.  There is something for every taste. Notice that in Sicily we use LOTS  of ricotta and LOTS of almonds...and, of course, LOTS of sugar.

WARNING:  If you are on a diet, this post is not for you. You can never ever be on a diet in Sicily.  Sicilian sweets are simply irresistible, as you can see from the following pictures.

Here we have Spagnoletti and Genovesi.

My very own homemade cannolo.

TIramisu and Rhum Baba

Pistachio squares, Peach, Graffe and Rhum Babas

Sfince filled with ricotta

Pesca (Peach)

Cassata....the Queen of Sicilian sweets.

A selection of sweets from a local pastry shop.


Fig cookies

Almond cookies

Marzipan fruits

Don't forget your 5 a day!

Remember Stella D'Oro?  Well these are my homemade Anisette.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Cafè hopping with Lady Coffee

In Trapani we practically have a cafè in every block, so you can get your coffee anytime. No need to go running around looking  for a place to sit and have an espresso, cappuccino, caffè lungo, caffè macchiato etc.  Personally, I prefer just a simple espresso, sometimes lungo (with more water), with two teaspoons of sugar. Yes, I like my coffee very sweet. Here are a few of my favorite cafès....MeetCaffe; BeCool; Caffe Baby Luna; Terzo Cerchio; Bar della Rotond; Tiffany Bar  and Holiday Bar. Notice that in Sicily a BAR is a CAFE'. Most cafès sell pastries and cannolis ... as you can see below.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Blonde or brunette?

Yesterday we had a beautiful hot and sunny day here in Sicily. It felt like we were back in summer. Everyone was in a cheerful mood, feeling like springtime. We had to get back our summer clothes. No sooner had I brought up the clothes from the basement that the weather turned cloudy and gray! The weatherman predicted cold and wet weather for today. For once he was right.

 Today was a real gloomy, cold, and windy day. I managed though to have some pictures taken in the garden behind our house. Had to do it hurriedly however  before the strong wind messed up my gorgeous blond hair!  I noticed some of you prefer my hair the way it was, so here I posted a combination ... some pictures for those of you who like my blonde look, and some for those who prefer my brunette look. 

I am adding some pictures of pomegranate and lemons given to me by my friend Chika, directly from her garden Casa Vacanze Ostellino 

White Turtleneck Sweater by ZUIKI
Leather jacket by VON DUTCH
My signature sunglasses by LOZZA
Woolen Leotards (yes, already)  by CALZEDONIA