Sunday, March 10, 2019

Dresslily online boutique

Dresslily is an online shop and boutique. They have the loveliest vintage dresses, swim wear,  party dresses, hoodies,  tankinis and more. I was really lost for choice in making my wishlist. For a minute I was almost going to put everything they have on my list, I just couldn't resist the vintage bikinis and cover-ups for the beach. In fact it's almost time to get a nice suntan, the sun is getting stronger by the day, the days are longer and soon it will be summer. So I suggest you hurry to Dresslily and get  your new wardrobe. By the way, they have a great selection of plus-size items as well as men's clothing and accessories.

There will be a discount Coupon Code:  Dresslilygo
($30-$3,$50-$5, $80-$9, $100-$12, $150-$18, $200-$24, $300-$36)


Friday, March 8, 2019

Are you ready to go skiing? Pronti per sciare?

These colorful winter wool caps from Terranova are perfect for the cold weather and for skiing. Well, here in Western Sicily we don't get enough snow for skiing. Actually we don't get snow at all. But we can always pretend!  

Questi splendidi cappellini di lana sono ottimi per andare in montagna o per sciare. Qui nella Sicilia occidentale abbiamo abbastanza montagne ma la neve si fa desiderare. I cappelli comunque vanno bene quando fa freddo o quando soffia  molto vento.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

A very Beary Look / Un look da orsacchiotto

You all know that I have a thing about hats and caps, so during sale time last month I couldn't resist these cute teddy bear hats from Tally Weijl They are very warm and cuddly.

Tutti ormai sapete che ho una vera ossessione per cappelli, coppole ecc. Il mese scorso durante i saldi a Tally Weijl non ho potuto resistere ... ho preso tre di cappellini da orsacchiotto. 

Friday, March 1, 2019

Superfood Celery / Super Sedano

Every day there is a new discovery. The most recent one that I discovered is that Celery juice has many nutritional benefits aids digestion, so if you're constipated, drink up! It's anti-inflammatory ... reduces inflammation which means less pain. It's good for the liver and it's good for the brain. If you want to become Einstein maybe you should try a celery diet. Talking about diet, apparently celery is also good for losing weight. No good for me ... I need to gain weight.  Anyway, as with anything, just take it in moderation.  

Da quel che si legge questi giorni sembra che il sedano sia miracoloso....ha un sacco di vitamine e minerali, fa bene al fegato, è un anti-infiammatorio, aiuta a perdere peso. Io allora devo star lontana dal sedano perchè ho bisogno di prendere peso, non di perderlo. Ma la cosa che mi ha più incuriosito è che il sedano fa bene al cervello!!! Ma sarà poi vero?  Quanti chili bisogna mangiarne per diventare un Einstein?  Comunque, proviamo ... in moderazione ovviamente. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Horses and goats /Cavalli e capre

Today was a beautiful warm and sunny day, with practically no wind - finally! -  so my daughter and I  decided to go and feed the horses. We bought carrots from the nearby supermarket, crossed the main road to the huge open space which was supposed to have been a big parking area. The money finished and the space is now used for runners, joggers and driving school practice. Next to it is a farm with five horses and whenever we go by they run to us so we always need to have carrots or sugar with us to feed them. 

As we were feeding the horses we heard the bells of the goats going to have their lunch

Monday, February 25, 2019

Cannolo Bag

A young business woman from Castellammare del Golfo, Sicily has come up with a new use for Cannoli.  You don't just eat cannolis can use them as an accessory, a bag to be precise. 

These are a few of the gorgeous Cannoli Bags that Giusy Di Benedetto has designed.

You can see more of her lovely creations here