Sunday, May 19, 2019

Like Mother .... Like Daughter // Tale Madre...Tale Figlia

Every little girl dreams of dressing like her mother. I remember wearing my mom's clothes and shoes, falling over because the shoes were too big and the heels too high. As I was growing up I repeatedly tried on her dresses, her shirts and skirts, hoping to fit in them but they were always too big or too lose for me.

There is no such problem now because you can get any size you want from Popreal an online shop which sells gorgeous selections of  high-quality mother/daughter outfits at reasonable prices. They are efficient at shipping the clothes, and they have a support team that is always available and ready to answer your every question. You can get fabulous outfits for every occasion...parties, ceremonies, beach wear, etc. 

Just look at these gorgeous vintage style matching dresses, aren't they simply perfect? Like Mary Poppins would say.  

Tale Madre ... Tale Figlia. Ogni figlia desidera indossare gli abiti della mamma. Quando ero piccola io mettevo i vestiti di mia madre, che mi arrivavano fino ai piedi, e mi divertivo a mettere i suoi tacchi. Ovviamente finivo sempre per terra. La mia passione era il rossetto rosso che mia madre usava quando uscivamo. Forse questo è il motivo per cui il mio colore preferito è il rosso. 

Comunque, volevo dirvi che ho trovato un negozio online  - Popreal - che vende abbigliamento uguale per mamma e figlia. Hanno una grande selezione quinti potete sbizzarrirvi...abiti, gonne, costumi da bagno ecc. Il servizio è molto efficiente, e lo staff di questo negozio è molto disponibile e cortese. La qualità poi, rispetto ai prezzi, è buonissima.

Since summer is just around the corner (well, here in Sicily right now it's more like March than May) you can check out their  selection of swimwear. The items are so cute, and your toddlers will look adorable wearing them. 

Popreal has a huge selection of dresses and skirts for toddlers. You will find it hard to decide which to choose, but the prices are affordable so you can always buy more than one.

Look at this gorgeous doll dress 

This tulle dress is perfect for the little ballerina

Every little girl dreams of being a Princess

Friday, May 17, 2019


Have I got news for you! There is an online shop specialized in fashionable and fabulous personalized jewellery. They have a team of professional designers experienced in the latest jewellery making technology, who will turn your name or initials into absolute works of art! Getnamenecklace offers high quality, gorgeous personalized items at competitive prices. Not only that, but  you will also get well-organized and efficient service. Your products will be delivered fast and on time. 

Ho trovato un negozio online specializzato nella produzione di gioielli di alta qualità a prezzi ragionevoli. Con il loro staff di designers professionisti producono gioielli personalizzati, qualsiasi vostra richiesta sarà esaudita. Offrono un servizio ben organizzato ed efficiente, la vostra merce arriverà velocemente a destinazione. Questo negozio si chiama Getnamenecklace. Qui sotto troverete alcuni dei loro bellissimi lavori, collane in particolare. 

Here are some of their customized necklaces

How cute is this name necklace?

Simply gorgeous initial necklace 

Contemporary unique font name necklaces

Adorable pink heart 

And don't you just love this yellow heart?

If you can't decide which heart to take ... get them BOTH!

Controversial Coffee

Ever since time, coffee has been the subject of arguments and debates. Is it good, is it bad, should we drink it, should we stop drinking it? The discussion started around the 1500s when it supposedly made its appearance. It’s not clear where and when coffee was discovered, presumably in Yemen but legend has it that it was first drunk in Ethiopia. According to Wikipedia a German doctor mentioned coffee in the 15th century, describing it as a a cure for many ailments, especially those related to the stomach.

Many studies have been done on coffee but no satisfactory conclusion has been found so the debate goes on. At the same time coffee continues to be the most popular drink in the world…and the most controversial.

In Italy alone, an espresso at the local cafè first thing in the morning is a must, almost a religious ritual. Italians don’t normally have breakfast. They get up and have a coffee either at home or at the cafè, and off to work they go. School age children, or even toddlers, will be served cookies with caffelatte (coffee with milk). No wonder when they are adults, they swear by coffee. The varieties of coffee in Italian cafès are countless; espresso, espresso macchiato, cappuccino, caffelatte, caffè Americano, caffè lungo, latte macchiato, caffè corretto, crema di caffè etc. In the US the big coffee chain Starbucks serves innumerable and innovative variations of coffee. Honorable mention goes to the world-renowned Turkish coffee,  described by Mark Twain in his “The Innocents Abroad”: “the coffee is black, thick and unsavory…the bottom of the cup has a muddy sediment in it half an inch deep. This goes down your throat and…keeps you barking and coughing for hours”. To each his taste.
As I mentioned earlier, lots of research has been done on coffee. It has been found to cause insomnia, agitation, palpitations and nervousness. These effects though depend on the amount of coffee taken. The more coffee drunk, the stronger these effects are. By limiting the intake of coffee, these negative effects are reduced or entirely eliminated. Pregnant women or lactating women, should not consume coffee as it eliminated calcium. Unless you drink 6 or more cups of coffee daily you will probably not notice serious side effects.

As for the benefits of coffee…well, just ask Pro. Kitaro Oka of Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences. Oka-san is known as the “Coffee Doctor” and his theory is that coffee helps to reduce fat in the blood and it prevents hardening of the arteries. It’s anti-aging and it’s good for migraines and the liver. It is good for the brain, prevents Parkinson’s. In fact tree cups of coffee a day may also reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Other studies have shown that coffee helps people with fibromyalgia.

As with anything, it is best to drink coffee in moderation. It is up to the individual to determine how much is good for him or her. I have a friend who needs three cups of coffee in the morning to function properly, and then drinks there more cups during the rest of the day. If I were to drink six cups of coffee in a day I wouldn’t sleep for a week. I can take at most two teaspoons of coffee in a day.

One of the first things foreigners will notice when they arrive in Italy is the enormous number of cafès in every city, town and village. Cafès are the meeting point of Italians, in fact many cafès even have free daily newspapers available for their clients. So you not only get your coffee but also the latest news.

What do you think of coffee? How many cups a day do you drink?

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Pretty dress by Dresslily

Dresslily is one of my favorite online fashion shops. Here you can find just about anything, from vintage to modern clothing, mens wear, plus-size clothing, wigs, accessories, shoes, you have an enormous choice of everything. You can see my Dresslily wishlist here, I published it in March. Now that summer is coming you can get a whole new wardrobe from Dresslily simply by a click of the mouse. 

Surprise, surprise!  

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Il mio sport preferito // My favorite sport

Cosa fare quando nel proprio quartiere esistono 7  (SETTE!) supermercati. Come fare per scegliere dove andare a far la spesa? Un supermercato ha dei prodotti di cui non puoi fare a meno ma sono cari, l'altro supermercato ha la tua marmellata preferita ... però a prezzo intero. Poi c'è un altro supermercato dove il macellaio ti tratta sempre da regina, ma puoi tradire quello  dove lo staff indossa la camicia con la scritta "Noi ci teniamo ai nostri clienti"? Stavi per scegliere quest'ultimo  quando scopri che in un'altro supermercato la camicia dello staff dice "Da noi di caro c'è solo il cliente"!!! Andando un pò più lontano da un'altro supermercato  trovi che la cassiera qui è sempre gentilissima, cosa che rende la decisione ancora più difficile. Ma se vai ancora più avanti trovi che il penultimo supermercato ha lo sciroppo d'acero, che cerchi sempre disperatamente e non trovi mai. E non parliamo del supermercato a maggior distanza ...qui addirittura trovi che è  "il miglior posto di lavoro". Se ne vantano già da parecchie anni addirittura.

Ecco che in poche righe abbiamo fatto il giro dei supermercati in un determinato quartiere. Ma, come ho detto sopra, qual'è il segreto per scegliere il supermercato migliore? E' praticamente impossibile rispondere a questa domanda.

Se i supermercati non sanno più che pesci prendere per accaparrarsi una clientela sempre più numerosa e fedele, noi clienti siamo ancora più confusi. Però...ecco che arrivano i volantini, pronti a schiarirci le idee.

Basta guardarli per capire che invece ci confondono ancora di più le idee:   Prendi 2 e Paghi 1; Sottocosto; Prezzi Shock; Vero...Risparmio; La Pasqua che conviene; Speciale Scampagnata; Moltiplica l'acquisto ...Risparmi! Bisogna essere un genio della matematica per analizzare con attenzione questi volantini  e trovare il miglior prezzo. Ma se per puro caso, il miglior prezzo lo trovi ma nel supermercato un tantino più lontano, dove per arrivarci devi prendere la macchina? Il miglior prezzo non sarà più così migliore se devi calcolare il prezzo della benzina.. o prendere l'autobus e pagare il biglietto, andata e ritorno.

Tornando al titolo di questo post, il mio sport preferito è infatti, come avrete già indovinato, camminare in giro per i supermercati. Meno male che come abbiamo visto, ci sono ben 7 supermercati in zona, quindi immaginate i chilometri che mi faccio ogni giorno, non solo per arrivare ai supermercati, ma anche gironzolando dentro perchè io mi diverto a curiosare, sempre in cerca di novità e, soprattutto, di prodotti esteri. A proposito, questo mio sport in inglese si chiamerebbe "Supermarket Hopping" ... andare in giro da un supermercato all'altro. E' stancante. Meno male che ogni tanto mi offrono una ... sedia. 

MY FAVORITE supermarket hopping. We have 7 (SEVEN) supermarkets in our neighborhood so I get plenty of exercise. I don't have a car, I don't have a license so I practically walk everywhere. We have a very efficient public transport ... buses... and I do take them occasionally but I prefer to walk. As I always say, walking is the best exercise, and the least strenuous and cheap. 

Briefly, what I'm talking about is that with 7 supermarkets nearby it is very difficult to choose where to do your shopping. About once a week we receive brochures from them but you need to be a genius to figure out which supermarket offers the best price. It's very complicated to analyze these brochures, you need to be a mathematician, and I certainly never was a math lover! 

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Il significato di Ghosting /The new escape artist

Sapete il significato della parola GHOSTING? No? Significa praticamene "cercare e poi sparire". Ma sparire sparire, non sparire e poi tornare. Proprio sparire nel nulla. Vi è mai capitato? A me sì. A quei tempi però non conoscevo questa parola. Adesso sì, e vi voglio raccontare la mia esperienza.

Impulsiva come sono, ho mandato la richiesta di amicizia  su Facebook a un uomo che conoscevo personalmente. Ha cominciato a scrivermi su messenger. Io, da brava insegnante, ho subito cominciato a "insegnare", gli parlavo dei paesi dove avevo vissuto, delle usanze di quei paesi, (lui voleva tanto viaggiare ma il tempo non glielo permetteva, troppo impegnato con il lavoro), gli insegnavo anche qualche parola o terminologia in inglese e così via. Niente di romantico insomma. 

Poi un giorno, a causa della mia possessività e gelosia (sono una Leonessa), ho mandato tutto all'aria dicendogli che avevo visto i suoi commenti "flirtosi" con altre donne su Facebook e lo consideravo un Don Giovanni. Non l'avessi mai detto. E' andato su tutte le furie, dicendomi che non era un Don Giovanni, che lui amava la moglie e i figli, e che queste donne erano "vere" amiche. A questo punto mi sono infuriata io e ho detto "ma allora io cosa sono, falsa e finta?" Insomma io ho avuto l'ultima parola .... ultima veramente ....perchè non mi ha più scritto. Ho aspettato circa 6 settimane e poi gli ho tolto l'amicizia. Non mi andava di avere qualcuno fra gli "amici" che non metteva mai un like o un commento. Comunque da più di 18 mesi non lo sento più. Sparito. 

Secondo la psichiatra Tiziana Corteccioni, il fenomeno del "Ghosting" sarebbe  strettamente collegato alla maturità e alla capacità di comunicazione del soggetto. In parole semplici, il soggetto che fa Ghosting sarebbe immaturo e incapace di comunicare. E secondo me, anche non molto intelligente. Ecco perchè sparisce senza dare alcuna spiegazione. 

I wonder how many of you are familiar with the term "GHOSTING". When I first heard the word I immediately thought of Casper. Remember the cute little friendly ghost? He was so adorable, I always used to watch the cartoon, even when I was in high school...and even when I was in college for that matter. Cartoons in those days were fun and everyone of every age watched them. I don't like the modern day cartoons, especially the scary ones or violent ones. Casper was supposed to be scary but as soon as he said BOO we all laughed!  

Anyway to get back to the subject of this post, I want to explain to those of you who don't know, what Ghosting means. According to the dictionary it literally means 

      the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication.

Have you had this experience? I have.  This is what happened.

I added a fellow (whom I knew in real life) on Facebook. We started communicating through private messages. Being a teacher, I immediately started giving lessons ...on travel and on the English language and whatever.  Please note that this was not a Romantic relationship. It was purely personal and friendly. Until I messed everything up by mentioning that he was a Don Juan because I caught him flirting with several women on FB. Never did I expect such a violent reaction. He said he was not a Don Giovanni, he loved his wife and kids and so on and so forth. Anyway, it was too long ago so I don't remember all the details. I do remember though that he said those women were "real" friends. To which I replied "Ah, so I am not a real friend am I? What am I, fake and phoney? Anyway,  the point of the matter is that I wrote a message practically apologizing but I never heard from him again. I waited about 6 weeks but got no news from him. Not even any likes or comments on my posts. So I unfriended him. Haven't seen or heard from him since...about a year and a half  already.

This is my experience with GHOSTING. Has anything similar happened to you?