Sunday, July 25, 2021

A different sort of Treat!

 When I told my friend Carolina that on my birthday, yesterday,  my daughter took me to my favorite place ....LIDL supermarket....she replied "well I suppose that's a different kind of treat".  Yes, in fact I don't think many people spend their birthday at a supermarket, and actually call it fun. 

Well, I had the most enjoyable time!. First of all because I hadn't been there for ages (due to the lockdown) and secondly because after that we went to Mc Donald's, which is right next door to LIDL.

Here are some birthday pictures taken yesterday.

The NEW YORK t-shirt was a gift from my daughter. 

Here is my birthday cake, made by me. It's a goofy kind of cake but it was just too hot to bake a regular cake. It's 36° C in the shade so I certainly wasn't in the mood to put the oven on for a long time. When I put the oven on, the whole apartment gets as hot as the oven. I am actually cooking a beef stew right now with my brand new CROCKPOT. If anyone knows how to use it I would appreciate knowing. The last time I used it the meat was raw ....after 8 hrs cooking! So I had to cook everything in a regular pan on the stove.