Sunday, June 28, 2020


As you all know, I am always on the lookout for new online fashion shops. It is so much more convenient to shop online, especially these days when all  you want to do is avoid people like  those who walk aroung without masks or gloves and don't keep social distancing. Here in Sicily the distance is fixed at 1 meter, but in a shop who will keep that distance? Shopping online is safer, easier and more enjoyable and relaxing. My very favorite
shop, and the one I use as a reference site for fashion trends is Femme Luxe.

 It is by far the best online fashion shop I have  ever seen. You can get just about anything .... they sell Dresses (Bardot dresses, bodycon, wedding, races, Pinafore, shirt dresses etc. By the way these dresses are cute as a button, sexy, classy and reasonable in price. They have Corset Tops Accessories (bags, belts, anklets, sunglasses, jewellery etc. Shoes, Retro sports clothes, airport outfits, womens perfume and so on and on.

Below you will find pictures of my gorgeous little dresses from Femmeluxe.


Vi voglio parlare di un negozio di moda online che vende praticamente tutto. Non solo abiti, vestiti, vestitini, abitini e Bodycon dresses.... che sono veramente sexy, di lusso, di classe e a prezzi decisamente abbordabili, ma vendono anche ogni tipo di T-shirt, Scarpe, borse, occhiali da sole, completi da mettere in aeroporto, quando si è in viaggio. Addirittura qui potete trovare anche profumi da donna. Insomma, tutto in uno. E tutto da casa, eviterete così lo stress e l'ansia di andare in giro per negozi e stare attenti alla gente che non mette nè maschera nè guanti, nè presta attenzione alla distanza. 

Adesso vi faccio vedere alcuni abitini che ho ricevuto da Femmeluxe, e anche una T-shirt.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Summer Fashion

It's getting hotter and hotter, summer is almost here. Time to put away our winter clothes and replace them with summer ones.  Here are some outfits I found which are perfect for the hot weather.

To tell you a secret, the clothes I am wearing here belong to my daughter. Even the polka dot sneakers are hers. The only piece which is mine is the white dress.

Thursday, June 4, 2020


Whether you spell it donut or doughnut, doughnuts are the most delicious sweets anytime of the day or night, or whenever.  Here in Sicily we don't have Dunkin' Donuts or anyplace specialized in donuts so the best thing is to make them yourself. That is just what I have done. Without lemon flavor. In Sicily we have something called "ciambelle" which are a sort of donut, but they are lemon flavored, and I don't like them like that. Sicilian pastry chefs seem to put lemon in everything, I guess it's because we have so many lemons growing in Sicily.

My recipe is from a Japanese book, but I have translated it for you. Here it is.

I took the recipe from this book "Home Baking"