Thursday, June 4, 2020


Whether you spell it donut or doughnut, doughnuts are the most delicious sweets anytime of the day or night, or whenever.  Here in Sicily we don't have Dunkin' Donuts or anyplace specialized in donuts so the best thing is to make them yourself. That is just what I have done. Without lemon flavor. In Sicily we have something called "ciambelle" which are a sort of donut, but they are lemon flavored, and I don't like them like that. Sicilian pastry chefs seem to put lemon in everything, I guess it's because we have so many lemons growing in Sicily.

My recipe is from a Japanese book, but I have translated it for you. Here it is.

I took the recipe from this book "Home Baking"


  1. While I am not a huge fan of doughnuts, I imagine I would love a freshly fried home-made one. They look very good.
    Your box of recipes is so pretty!

  2. I only like very few donuts and it is hard to get a good one here. Yours look tasty.

  3. I consume donuts two or three times a of my favorites.
    Thank you for sharing recipe from "home baking".....I'll try it.

  4. Francesca, Your donuts look great, just like my grandmother used to make them 65 years ago! We do have a favorite donut shop here nearby...operated by a Thai couple. Excellent! Stay Safe and Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  5. Wow, these looks amazing! And just think of it: Cooking donuts from a Japanese cookbook in Sicily... what a modern tale. :-)