Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Bar-Hopping before Lockdown

Lockdown begins tomorrow  so we've gone to all the cafès around us. From tomorrow no one is allowed to take their coffee sitting down in a cafè or restaurant, although they  will be open for takeaways  and home delivery. 

I have turned my kitchen into a home cafè. 


Sunday, November 15, 2020

Surprise surprise ... a bag full of Femmeluxe goodies

 Hello ladies and gentlemen! How are things going where you are? Here in Sicily it's gradually getting cooler, but the weird thing is that it's hot and sunny in the morning, then towards the evening it gets cooler, almost cold so you really need to watch what you are wearing. Best thing is to wear clothes from They have gorgeous sunglasses also by the way ... talking about sunshine.

It is by far the best online fashion shop I have ever seen. You can get just about anything....they sell Dresses (Bardot dresses, bodycon, shirt dresses etc.) These dresses are cute as a button, sexy, classy and priced reasonably. 



Vi voglio parlare di un negozio di moda online che vende praticamente di tutto. Non solo abiti ma vestiti, vestitini, abitini e Bodycon dresses che sono veramente sexy, di lusso, di classe e a prezzi decisamente abbordabili, ma vendono anche ogni tipo di T-shirt, scarpe, borse, occhiali da sole (qui in Sicilia infatti il tempo è ancora molto soleggiato). Addirittura in questo sito potete trovare anche profumi da donna. Insomma, tutto in uno. E tutto da casa, così eviterete lo stress e l'ansia di andare in giro per negozi e stare attenti alla gente che non mette nè maschera nè guanti, nè presta attenzione alla distanza.

Adesso vi faccio vedere alcuni capi che ho preso ..


I will now show you my collection of warm joggers  for the day and for the evening. In other words you can wear them when you go jogging or to the gym, but you can also wear them in the evening for a night out or a happy hour. 

This red crop top and the black joggers is a match made in heaven, don't you agree?

Red Ribbed Off the Shoulder Crop Top

It was bright and sunny so the lighting was not very good. These joggers are actually peach colored and they are comfortable and fit perfectly. By the way, you may have to try different sizes before you get the right size for you. I take size 8 for joggers and 6 for dresses and tops.

Peach Cuffed Joggers Lizzie

I made a mistake in calculating the size and took size 6 so this dress is slightly tight around the waist ... hopefully you cannot see. I was holding my stomach in. 

White Pleated Long Sleeve Shirt Dress

Sunday, November 1, 2020


 As you all know, I am always on the lookout for new online fashion shops. It is so much more convenient to shop online, especially these days when all  you want to do is avoid people like  those who walk around without masks or gloves and don't keep social distancing. Here in Sicily the distance is fixed at 1 meter, but in a shop who will keep that distance? Shopping online is safer, easier and more enjoyable and relaxing. My very favorite shop and the one I use as a reference site for fashion trends is Femmeluxe.

Saturday, September 19, 2020


 This is the famous Malt Bread, or better known as Granny's Sticky Brown Bread.

I made it using malt syrup, molasses, whole milk, soda bicarbonate, brown sugar and raisins.  It's very easy to make, but cooking time is long, approx. 1 1/2 hrs. 

Sunday, August 23, 2020

New batch of clothes from Femmeluxe, UK

Well, what can I say? I am addicted to Femmeluxe The more of their clothes I try on, the more I want. I don't get tired of them, they are all so perfectly fitting. so attractive, so addictive that I can't stop wearing them.

Many of us (I mean me) have flat chests and big waistline and a noticeable belly, so at the beginning I ordered size 10. It was humungous on me, I could swim in the dress. So then I started ordering size 8. It was better but still a bit big, quite loose actually. Now I order everything SIZE 6, and it fits me perfectly.  So when you place your order make sure you get the size closest to your measurements. Remember that most of these items stretch, so you can try getting a size smaller than yours. On the other hand,  if the size is a bit on the loose side, you can try putting padded bras (more than one) or some oranges. 

Here are the pretty dresses and lounge wear I received a few days ago. 

Black Metallic Puff Sleeve Twist Front Mini dress - Emily

Emerald Green Metallic Puff Sleeve Twist Front Mini dress - Emily

Blue Organza Puff Sleeve Plunge Bodycon Mini Dress - Bannon 

Black Metallic Puff Sleeve Twist Front Mini Dress - Emily 

Camel Long Sleeve V Neck Leggings Loungewear Set - Acadia

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Gorgeous Dresses from Femmeluxe

I'm in love ....I'm in love.....I'm in love with a wonderful -guess what? - online fashion shop Femmeluxe where you can buy just about anything, clothes, accessories, tops, shoes etc.

Two months ago I realized that I needed elegant, head-turning items to wear in the hot summer evenings, T-shirts and lounge-wear for lazying around the house. I stumbled upon beautiful, original clothes all in one website, Femmeluxe, as I mentioned before. 

Make sure to check out their trousers and jeans too!

As you can see, girls of any age can wear clothes from Femmeluxefinery! They're suitable for any age and make you look younger and trendier,

Wednesday, July 15, 2020


Remember  Mitzi  Gaynor singing  I'm In love With a Wonderful Guy in South Pacific? The wonderful guy being Italian hearthrob Rossano Brazzi. Then there is Elvis who sings I'm Stuck on You. Well,  I'm in love with and stuck on femmeluxe

 As I mentioned in my previous post I found a marvellous online fashion shop and I got stuck on it. You all probably don't know my real personality, but when I like something I stick to it. If you please, I have a STICKY personality. I don't jump from shop to shop. Once I find one that impresses me I don't look any farther. Femmeluxe is the shop for me. You can find just about anything wearable and accessories. 

They have all kinds of trousers, for sports or just casual wear. 

I was very happy with the clothes I got from them the first time, so here I am now posting a review of my second batch of clothes. Note that they have the most gorgeous corset dresses.

Back to this present collection I got, it  actually got better because the first time I was rather undecided about the sizes so I ordered a mix of size 8 and size 10. The size 10 was slighlty big and didn't do anything for my figure. Now I know better so I ordered everything in size 8. And guess what? They fit me to a T! Size 8 is my size at Femmeluxe.

When you place your order make sure to check out the sizes really well and then choose the one closest to yours.

Make sure to check out their collection of  black lace bodysuits They are just perfect to wear in this tropical heat wave we are having this summer. 

Ok, after all this talk, let me show you my choices