Sunday, November 15, 2020

Surprise surprise ... a bag full of Femmeluxe goodies

 Hello ladies and gentlemen! How are things going where you are? Here in Sicily it's gradually getting cooler, but the weird thing is that it's hot and sunny in the morning, then towards the evening it gets cooler, almost cold so you really need to watch what you are wearing. Best thing is to wear clothes from They have gorgeous sunglasses also by the way ... talking about sunshine.

It is by far the best online fashion shop I have ever seen. You can get just about anything....they sell Dresses (Bardot dresses, bodycon, shirt dresses etc.) These dresses are cute as a button, sexy, classy and priced reasonably. 



Vi voglio parlare di un negozio di moda online che vende praticamente di tutto. Non solo abiti ma vestiti, vestitini, abitini e Bodycon dresses che sono veramente sexy, di lusso, di classe e a prezzi decisamente abbordabili, ma vendono anche ogni tipo di T-shirt, scarpe, borse, occhiali da sole (qui in Sicilia infatti il tempo è ancora molto soleggiato). Addirittura in questo sito potete trovare anche profumi da donna. Insomma, tutto in uno. E tutto da casa, così eviterete lo stress e l'ansia di andare in giro per negozi e stare attenti alla gente che non mette nè maschera nè guanti, nè presta attenzione alla distanza.

Adesso vi faccio vedere alcuni capi che ho preso ..


I will now show you my collection of warm joggers  for the day and for the evening. In other words you can wear them when you go jogging or to the gym, but you can also wear them in the evening for a night out or a happy hour. 

This red crop top and the black joggers is a match made in heaven, don't you agree?

Red Ribbed Off the Shoulder Crop Top

It was bright and sunny so the lighting was not very good. These joggers are actually peach colored and they are comfortable and fit perfectly. By the way, you may have to try different sizes before you get the right size for you. I take size 8 for joggers and 6 for dresses and tops.

Peach Cuffed Joggers Lizzie

I made a mistake in calculating the size and took size 6 so this dress is slightly tight around the waist ... hopefully you cannot see. I was holding my stomach in. 

White Pleated Long Sleeve Shirt Dress

Sunday, November 1, 2020


 As you all know, I am always on the lookout for new online fashion shops. It is so much more convenient to shop online, especially these days when all  you want to do is avoid people like  those who walk around without masks or gloves and don't keep social distancing. Here in Sicily the distance is fixed at 1 meter, but in a shop who will keep that distance? Shopping online is safer, easier and more enjoyable and relaxing. My very favorite shop and the one I use as a reference site for fashion trends is Femmeluxe.