Wednesday, July 15, 2020


Remember  Mitzi  Gaynor singing  I'm In love With a Wonderful Guy in South Pacific? The wonderful guy being Italian hearthrob Rossano Brazzi. Then there is Elvis who sings I'm Stuck on You. Well,  I'm in love with and stuck on femmeluxe

 As I mentioned in my previous post I found a marvellous online fashion shop and I got stuck on it. You all probably don't know my real personality, but when I like something I stick to it. If you please, I have a STICKY personality. I don't jump from shop to shop. Once I find one that impresses me I don't look any farther. Femmeluxe is the shop for me. You can find just about anything wearable and accessories. 

They have all kinds of trousers, for sports or just casual wear. 

I was very happy with the clothes I got from them the first time, so here I am now posting a review of my second batch of clothes. Note that they have the most gorgeous corset dresses.

Back to this present collection I got, it  actually got better because the first time I was rather undecided about the sizes so I ordered a mix of size 8 and size 10. The size 10 was slighlty big and didn't do anything for my figure. Now I know better so I ordered everything in size 8. And guess what? They fit me to a T! Size 8 is my size at Femmeluxe.

When you place your order make sure to check out the sizes really well and then choose the one closest to yours.

Make sure to check out their collection of  black lace bodysuits They are just perfect to wear in this tropical heat wave we are having this summer. 

Ok, after all this talk, let me show you my choices 

Tuesday, July 7, 2020


Finally summer has arrived. It's hot and sunny, perfect weather for the beach. We can finally put away coats,scarves, sweaters and boots. What do do we replace them with? We look in the closet and realize we "have nothing wear"! 

Well, I found an online shop that has just the perfect summer wear: lover-beauty. They have loads of swimsuits, sportswear, underwear, dresses and shapewear. 

If you are looking for big sizes, look no farther. This shop also has the best cheap plus size clothing. If you are always struggling and searching for  clothes that fit you, this is the place to find them. 

Below you will see samples of their selections.


Ho trovato un negozio online che soddisferà tutti i vostri desideri. Si chiama lover-beauty. Hanno una grandissima scelta di abiti, costumi da bagno and una deliziosa collezione di  biancheria intima, molto sexy e per tutte le misure. Tantissimi pezzi per taglie forti.

Qui sotto vi mostrerò alcuni dei loro capi. 

Now, if you want to make this summer a HOT one,  check out plus size lingerie wholesale.  Here you will find summer lingerie must-have  for hot summer nights. Have a look at my choices here below.