Sunday, February 26, 2017

Get ready for summer with Stylewe

According to the weatherman, this year we are going to have an early spring. Actually here in Italy it already seems like spring, the sun is shining and the temperature is rising. It's almost summer!  I rushed to check my beach wear but found nothing appropriate so I went running - or surfing rather - to the web to look for bathing suits.

The online shop that caught my attention is StyleWe  a fashion platform which works with independent designers from all over the world, and provides unique, exclusive and high quality products. You are sure to find something to meet your needs and taste. They sell dresses, skirts, bags, sweaters, coats, shoes, tops, bottoms, just about anything you can think of. If you're sporty and you are looking for a personal style and originality have a look at these
skater dresses tips.  

As I mentioned earlier, I need new bathing suits. I am a retro girl so I like the old-fashioned kind of swimwear.  Here are the ones that caught my eye on StyleWe. Choose yours at
retro swimwear.

Black Color-block Triangle Halter Spandex Bikini

Blue Halter Padded Ruched One-Piece

For more fashion by independent designers visit JustFashionNow where you will find dresses, tops, bottoms and accessories, all at affordable prices.  

Since it's getting really warm, I  need an 
off the shoulder long sleeve top  Which one should I choose?  Decisions, decisions...

Girly Off Shoulder Solid Long Sleeve Bow Cold Shoulder (Off Shoulder) Top

White Stripes Casual Off Shoulder Top

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Look like a Cutie Pie with Fashionmia

Remember Cutie Pie, that cute song by Johnny Tillotson? "My little Cutie Pie, My pretty Cutie Pie, I love my Cutie Pie".  

Well, now you can look like a Cutie Pie too. 

Fashionmia is one of the best online fashion shops you can find on the web. If you are not too keen on buying online, worry no more! Fashionmia uses a reliable and efficient tracking system. They will give you a tracking number so that you can follow your shipment from the day it was sent to the day it arrives at your doorstep. You will be amazed by the high quality and affordable prices you will find at Fashionmia.

Below are some of my favorite Cute dresses. Visit here for more Cute dresses by Fashionmia.

The weather is changing now, getting warmer day by day, so I need new tops for 2017. You can find tops for every style and taste at Fashionmia. These are the ones that caught my attention. Click here to see more Fashion Tops. 


Saturday, February 4, 2017

These shoes were made for walking...and that's just what you'll do with FSJ Shoes.

In case you haven't heard, there is a new debate going on in the UK. No, it's not about Brexit. It's about shoes.  Should women be required to wear high heels at work? Apparently in 2015 a lady in London was sent home from work for not wearing high heels. Can you believe it? It's surreal!

I would never give in to that. Especially when I remember the torture I went through in my younger days when I was wearing high heels to work. Running for the bus, hopping on the subway, doing all the office errands while my feet were swollen, my ankles almost twisted and my back hurting atrociously. All because of the high heels. It's ok to wear high heels for an elegant occasion, for a party, a dinner or night out but....keeping them on all day at work? They must be kidding! Why don't they (the men who sent the lady home) try standing all day in the office wearing high heels? 

If your feet are suffering, you will not be able to concentrate on your work, or on anything  for that matter, so my advice is: wear comfortable shoes, especially when you know you're going to be on your feet a lot. I found the perfect ones at FSJ Shoes. Their shoes are comfortable, gorgeous, stylish and affordable. 

FSJ was launched in 1998. The company is known for its quality and high standard of crafts. It sells to clients in the United States and all over the world. The mission of FSJ is "to help women realize their dream of fashion and pursuit of quality". Just what we women want.

When it comes to shoes, I am all for comfort and wearability. I want shoes that I can walk in without worrying that they could hurt any minute. The kind of shoes that make you feel you are not wearing any shoes at all, that's how comfortable they are. 

I am thrilled to introduce to you some of my favorites from FSJ shoes. In line with my taste and my wish for comfortable and relaxing shoes, I picked these absolutely stylish and attractive vintage Women's Oxfords and Brogues. 

Dark Green Round Toe Vintage Shoes Lace-up Flats Women's Oxfords

Black Round Toe Vintage Shoes Lace-up Women's Brogues 

Leila Black Patent Leather Pointed Toe Vintage Shoes Lace-up Women's Oxfords