Wednesday, October 28, 2020

 As you all know, I am always on the lookout for new online fashion shops. It is so much more convenient to shop online, especially these days when all  you want to do is avoid people like  those who walk aroung without masks or gloves and don't keep social distancing. Here in Sicily the distance is fixed at 1 meter, but in a shop who will keep that distance? Shopping online is safer, easier and more enjoyable and relaxing. My very favorite shop and the one I use as a reference site for fashion trends is femmeluxe

shop, and the one I use as a reference site for fashion trends is Femme Luxe.

 It is by far the best online fashion shop I have  ever seen. You can get just about anything .... they sell Dresses (Bardot dresses, bodycon, wedding, races, Pinafore, shirt dresses etc. By the way these dresses are cute as a button, sexy, classy and reasonable in price. They have Corset Tops Accessories (bags, belts, anklets, sunglasses, jewellery etc. Shoes, Retro sports clothes, airport outfits, womens perfume and so on and on.

Below you will find pictures of my gorgeous lit

Thursday, October 15, 2020


 FERRO CHINA BISLERI might not mean anything to the younger generation but it was a very popular and loved tonic many years ago. It was created in 1881 by one of Garbialdi's man, Felice Bisleri. It contains iron  (/good for anemia) and several aromatic herbs, etc.

Ferro China was sold to a foreign company but  now the Gruppo Caffo has bought it back and it's marketing it in Italy. You can get more information from my video here below. 

Monday, October 12, 2020

An Italian cake with an English name


ZUPPA INGLESE literally means ENGLISH SOUP, but it has nothing to do with either soup or England. It could be taken as an imitation of TRIFLE but it's not that either. It's simply a sponge cake with liquor and two kinds of custard.