Saturday, December 21, 2019

We are having a wind wave

These past few days the wind has been blowing like there's no tomorrow! It's so strong that even the garbage cans are flying away. I was going shopping with my trolley and when I let it go for a second, it just started rolling down the block and into the street, I had to run after it to get it back. The wind at times was as strong as 67 kms per hour! 

During the Black Friday sale (yes it has taken hold in Sicily too), I got this pretty little pink jacket with a hood, perfect to wear on these windy days. It's from Jennyfer fashion Actually it's my daughter who bought this jacket, for herself, I just ...borrowed it. 

The jacket is light but very warm, and it is padded inside. It has two pockets which you can button. 


  1. Hi Francesca, I hope the winds have died down. We had a heavy rainfall yesterday and heavy snow in the mountain passes so highways were closes for much of the day. Right where I am living I am fine, not too much rain and no snow. I love the jacket your daughter bought. I used to have a longer version of the same type of jacket with the furry lining inside. It was so nice and warm to wear and the outer fabric kept me dry in the rain. I wore the jacket out after a few years but I would buy one again if I come across it. Nice to read from you again. I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

  2. Francesca, My wife gets nervous about the trees around us any time the winds go over 40 mph. But that kind of wind is not uncommon here because of the mountainous terrain. I'm surprised that you need a warm coat like that in Sicily...but then again our bodies adjust to our environment. I stop wearing shorts here when the temperature drops below 50 F. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  3. Imlike a wind-blown walk when it is not too long, too cold or wet, and of course I need to wear appropriate clothes. Your and your daughter's shared jacket is perfect for a windy day! Just be careful when you go out, please - you are so tiny and skinny, you could easily be blown over.

  4. That jacket is so perfect for you. Maybe your daughter will let you keep it. I hate high winds. They do so much damage.