Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Thanksgiving sales in Sicily

Guess what? Black Friday is popular in Sicily too. Not only Black Friday but Black Days, Black Week and  Black Month!!! With all these sales it was impossible to resist shopping. Prices were as much as 50% off so there were plenty of good deals. Here are some items I got : a cap, a neckwarmer and a scarf... all things needed for the cold weather. All from a cute little shop which recently opened  in town, Capricci tp.

At Cafè-Cucina Fronte Villa

At Tiffany's Bar

At Bar della Rotonda


  1. Francesca, That neck warmer looks like something that my better half would really appreciate! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  2. You are well prepared for winter now!
    When it comes to sales, I can't help but feel they've been ripping us off all year... some stuff seems to come so incredibly cheap these days.

  3. Cara Francesca , E benissimo che Black Friday arriva in Italia anche . E l'ocassione perfetta per comprare qualche cose tu hai bisogno con prezzo economico :-)

    ps. scusi per mio italiano ma lo ho studiato 15 anni fa :-)