Wednesday, October 13, 2021


There was a time when I couldn't find hard-to-find spices here in Sicily. Now however things have changed. We can get practically everything on Amazon or online. I had been looking for ALLSPICE for several years and finally here it is, on Amazon. The Indian spice ASAFOETIDA was also not available, but now it is. This spice is mostly used in South Indian recipes, such as Sambhar, a delicious lentil stew. Chinese 5 spice powder is now also easily available, as is the 4 Spices, Quatre Epices, What to make with this French combination I have no clue, but I will definitely find


  1. Good to see the organic label on the brown paper bags! The middle one looks to be from Poland or Czech Republic.

  2. Francesca, The great thing about the on-line world is that we can find just about any product we want and place an order. The bad part about the on-line world are the crazed social media types who bully and spread misinformation. For every positive throughout history, there eventually is a negative impact on something or someone somewhere. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave